Before you purchase.

I want to discuss our IPL and the specs of our product in comparison to other IPL devices available on the market.

Do Not make the mistake of over paying for an inferior product from a website that simply just does not work; all with hundreds of paid fake reviews.

I have seen far too many companies pushing a IPL device, that quite frankly, just do not work and so want discuss the key features of IPL and how each differs and what to look for in an IPL device that will ensure the IPL you choose to purchase is superior and actually works.

Light Spectrum

IPL devices must have a spectrum range of 540nm – 1,200nm for effective hair removal.

Energy Density

The higher the joules per cm2 the better. DO NOT buy cheap imitation products with less than 10j/cm.

Is IPL, Laser?

No. IPL is not Laser. Advertisers claiming their IPL is laser are falsely misleading all their customers.

3 Important Things…

Light Spectrum

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) transmits light which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. When the light is absorbed it turns to heat and fuses the blood to the follicle. By fusing the blood, the hair follicle can no longer regrow, resulting in hair removal.

Depending on your skin type and hair colour an effective spectrum range of 520nm – 1,200nm is required. Our IPL device has 8 levels of adjustment that will increase and decrease the spectrum to tailer to your skin and hair type.

Energy Density

The Energey Density of your IPL device is the absolute number one key indicator of just how effective the device will be.

Currently there is an influx of very poor IPL devices being sold on the market which are unfortunately completely misleading the consumer market and are completely ineffective. See below as I have provided some information as to what devices to avoid buying.

The Skin Refinery’s Lux+ IPL Hair Removal device is the only Home IPL system that has a energy density of 15.32j/cm. (joules per cm2)

Below I have outlined an example of a very cheap and poor quality IPL device that has a mere energy density of only 1.5 – 3.9j/cm. I highly recommend avoiding these devices as they do not produce an energey density high enough to produce results.

We recommend using IPL devices that have a energy density of no less than 10j/cm.

IPL is NOT Laser

IPL devices are not lasers. These devices produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths (like a light bulb) and cannot be focused to a concentrated beam (Laser). Because a range of different wavelengths is dispersed at a variety of depths only some of these are effectively absorbed by the hair follicle.

IPL machines typically use a range of wavelengths from 500 – 1000 nm. As these wavelengths are exposed to the skin, there is no ability for the light to discriminate between chromophores within the skin. Due to the broad spectrum of light, obtaining sufficient energy to destroy certain deep targets such as hair is often challenging. Smaller more superficial targets such as pigment and vascular legions absorb the majority of the energy.

In order to heat deeper targets, higher energy levels need to be employed. The Skin Refinery Lux+ IPL Hair Removal devise is the only IPL available that has a Energy Density of 15.32j/cm. Our IPL device is the most effective IPL device available for home use.

Product Comparison

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